Interview with my brother, age 6

This week, I decided to ask Elio a few questions about this trip. After all, how often do you get to see the world through a 6-year-old’s eyes? Some answers may be short, but that’s a six-year-old for you.

Question: What is the most delicious food you have had on your trip?

Answer: Thai noodles. They’re tasty.

Question: Do you like to travel, and, if so, why?

    Answer: I like to travel because it gives you a taste of what is out there more than just your hometown.

    Question: What thing do you miss the most?

    Answer: Our sparkling water machine because it gives us cheap, unlimited soda water.

Question: What has been your best experience with nature?

    Answer: The game reserve in South Africa because you get to see amazing animals in the wild.


Question: What has been your favorite adventure with animals on your trip?

    Answer: The puppies at our hotel on the beach. They were fun because they were cute.

P1070340Question: What has been your most exciting but scary thing on your trip so far?

    Answer: Ziplining in Thailand because you get to have speed and excitement with scary stuff and partly because I am a dare devil.

Ziplining in Thailand with my brother

Ziplining in Thailand with my brother

Question: What are you excited to do in the last four months of travel?

    Answer: I am excited to visit the Eiffel tower and visit the leaning tower of Pisa.

Question: What food do you miss the most?

    Answer: Paprika Chicken and Mexican enchiladas sound delicious!

Question: What is one word that best describes your trip?

Answer: That’s easy- Crazy! It’s full of fun, excitement, sadness, everything!


12 thoughts on “Interview with my brother, age 6

  1. Kara Murray

    You have had an exciting time Elio! I think Thai noodles would be my favorite food too! Enjoy London!

    1. Elio

      We had a fun time in London! We did a Harry Potter walking tour. I think that was my favorite part. Thank you for reading!

  2. Kris

    This was very interesting, dare devil boy!
    How funny that the puppies were the most fun. I bet you liked all the other animals too. My favorites are still the elephants. We were lucky to see so many of all the animals in Africa.

    Funny that you said enchiladas because whenever we travel, no matter where, it’s always Mexican food I want when we get back home. I wish I could send you some of “Omi’s famous” enchiladas. Hugs to your family.

  3. Bruce

    O’k, I get sparkling water, puppies, and even ziplining, but chicken paprika? What kind of six year old ….. Has he ever heard of pizza. Better add Hungary to your itinerary. Gotta keep the gourmet happy.

  4. Kyla

    Hey guys! Wow I miss you all so much! I got your birthday message, thank you! It looks like you’re having a great time, I really miss you, and I hope to see you as soon as you get back!


  5. Cousin Sheila (Klaas & Saphira)

    It is very funny to read this after spending a few days with both of you! I can hear you talking in my head while I read it. Well-written and entertaining! I’m just learning my way around your website–see you tomorrow on Marken (NL) again!

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