Dr. Spaghetti – Prologue


“Space: a place with many amazing, habitable planets. All of the Del Dolce union has been fascinated with the possibility of expansion since the beginning of time. And now, with revolutionizing lightspeed technology, we can actually explore and capture these planets, as a powerful controlled branch of the Del Dolce union. Our new engines are powerful enough to push our ships the distance of one light-year in one hundredth of a second! The planet we are currently heading for is called Sector Four-Nine-Six-One, locally called the Pasta Planet. It is a very habitable planet. We shall land on the side of the moon they can never see. There we will establish a base…”

Mr. Tiramisu closed the door to Biscotti Clone Bay Five. The voice he had just heard was from the lecture screen that was teaching the Biscotti Clones. When he checked on the clones class every day, the lecture was playing most of the time. Bay One was the bay where the clones were made, Bay Two was the bay where the clones were given weapons, Bay Three was the armory, and Bay Four was used to teach the clones basic weapon training. Bay Five is where the clones who did very well at basic training were taught strategy and advanced weapon training. They became the clone squad commanders. Those who achieved almost as good a grade were taught how to pilot the battle ships.

Mr. Tiramisu sent the appropriate signal to base, saying the clones were all doing well. He teleported to the forward, leading ship. That ship was one of the ships that was for the general, captains, and colonels. Behind it were two lower rank ships for sergeants and low officers. The Mothership followed close behind with the full battle ship docking bay and the five clone bays. The four ships had been sent on a mission to conquer Sector 4961. They had been traveling for 50 days and had gone about 432,000,000 light years. Mr. Tiramisu sent a video connection to Canoli the VI, the Supreme Lord of the Del Dolce union. He said to Cannoli, “We are almost there. I’m so excited!”

Cannoli said, “Soon your base will be set up. Then you can send your clone forces to take over Sector 4961. Soon we will have control. The Del Dolce empire shall rule a new planet! Then I shall let you become the new planet’s leader.”

That was the first time Cannoli had spoken of letting him become the planet’s leader. He was momentarily speechless. Mr. Tiramisu said, “You will let me become the planet’s leader?”

Cannoli said, “You are a faithful general. I think you may be a good leader for this new planet.”

Mr. Tiramisu bowed and said, “Thank you, your majesty! I am very grateful!” Cannoli cut the connection. Mr. Tiramisu headed immediately to the front of the leading ship. He opened a bottle of rum and mixed it with coffee and chocolate to create his favorite drink. Looking out the front window, he toasted his amazing opportunity!

One thought on “Dr. Spaghetti – Prologue

  1. Kris

    This is really fun. I keep wondering, Lo, what these guys look like. Is Mr. Cannoli long and thin, and Mr. Tiramisu a kinda crusty character? What about Mr. Linguini from an earlier episode? is he very long and thin like Mr. Spaghetti? AND what do people eat on the pasta planet?
    Perhaps we’ll find out in a future episode……drum roll…..dum dum da da dum tee dum.

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