We are a family from the south side of Portland, Oregon, planning to head out in September 2013 on a Round the World trip with our two elementary boys, ages 6 and 10. Β  They love adventure and have done enough traveling of their own to know how exciting and fun this whole idea will be for all of us.

We plan to start in Japan in September and make our way through SE Asia first.

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  1. Kim

    Wow, congrats on the great news about your business. I definitely understand the hard decision around keeping or selling the house, as well as telling the family (though I image it would be even harder to break the news with grandkids in the mix).

    1. takingthebigbreak

      Thanks, Kim. I know. It is all so crazy, scary, and fun. (But, I know you know all these feelings.) πŸ™‚ Fun adventures in store for all of us. Love following yours! Thanks for the inspirations! When I feel like I can’t talk to folks, I love reading your blog.

  2. Grace Laird

    Hi it`s Grace how is the family doing I love your website it looks so fun you lucky family most be very grateful! You four people look like you are having a great time! Well of course you are having a great time! What was Majestic Kuang Si Waterfalls of Luang Prabang like it looked really fun!

  3. Joan & Bill

    Not sure If we’re navigating this correctly but looks like an interesting trip.
    Hope the holidays are fun ones for all of you.
    Weather in Oregon is cooler than usual..and lots of fog.
    Do write back as you can.

  4. Elizabeth

    So fun! I just found your blog courtesy of Family Adventure Podcast. We are a family of 4 who sold our house and took off to travel with our kids for a year through Europe in our American RV that we shipped over. And now, we live in Portland! I can’t wait to read your entire blog and see if we were in some of the same places.

  5. sabretoothed chickens


    Lovely to read your blog and know another family that loves travelling and blogging. You set off in September 2013. We set out in August 2013. what a great adventure, hey?
    Check out our blog and keep in touch. Maybe one day our paths will cross?

    Pru & family.

  6. Dennis

    Hello Kim. Recently saw your presentation at the Alderwood REI and I really enjoyed it. It got me thinking about how to make the same change in my life. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to get more information from you and hear more of your recommendations.

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