Lorenzo’s letter from the airplane

Checking in at Singapore Airlines

Checking in at Singapore Airlines

Dear Everyone,

Hello! I am writing this on the airplane. I will miss all of you a lot! We are on the very first of quite a big clump of flights all around the world. I think this is crazy and cool and sad all at the same time. We made it on the plane. It was quite big, and very empty. Why are we doing this? What were we thinking? I canโ€™t wrap my head around what we are doing! I canโ€™t believe it. It is crazy. I hope all of you can meet up with us somewhere on our trip!

I am getting hungry. On to the sushi… I am excited to eat all that fresh sushi. Now, conveyor belt sushi is good but Japanese sushi is going to be fantastic. I am so excited to have good sushi. Nagashi somen (flowing cold noodles) is cold water with noodles floating in a bamboo trough. Everyone is supposed to catch all the noodles before they get to the end. It will be a ton of fun! I am also amazed that we get to ride a bullet train. Hopefully, we will get the chance to see a sumo match too.

I will miss everyone like crazy, but am excited for the coming adventure.



One thought on “Lorenzo’s letter from the airplane

  1. Mike & happy

    I am so excited to begin reading your blog ! I just got the card your mother made up for us, tell her Thanx ! I have seen a few of the FB posts. Hope your day today is simply wonderful. We will be attending our grandson’s 3 rd bday party in just a short while, and the sun FINALLY has shown up. : – )’
    Bye for now

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